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6 tips to keep your employees positive and motivated whilst working from home

“The greatest asset of a company is its people.” asset leaders need to work even harder to protect during the challenging times of C19.

Remote working can reduce positivity and motivation due to the lack of personal interactions, poor time management, feelings of isolation, and restricted communication.

Carry on reading for 6 practical ways you can tackle these issues and keep your team feeling happy and empowered whilst they’re working from home.


1 . Team building

“Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Regular team-building socials are a great way to develop teamwork and trust whilst having fun at the same time. When teams are working well together, everyone will feel happier and be more likely to hit performance targets.

Provide a range of activities to allow different team members to offer their unique strengths and work on their weaknesses, making sure to keep activities short and fun so that people stay engaged.

Some virtual team building activities include:

  • Virtual escape rooms
  • Pictionary
  • Guess who


2 . Make sure everyone has a voice

Giving everyone a voice is key to creating an inclusive workplace to maximise productivity and team spirit.

We need to make sure we create working environments where everyone feels comfortable speaking up. We can do this by asking for someone's thoughts if they haven’t spoken up in a while, making sure everyone's opinion is discussed when shared and using people’s suggestions in practice.

Add structure to your meetings by asking managers to create an agenda, this will encourage everyone to have their say and help them feel valued as part of the team.

Hearing everyone's thoughts will also allow you access to their unique ideas, which might have otherwise gone unheard.


3.  Encourage non-work-related conversations

A research report conducted in 2018 found that 88% of workers said having good relationships with co-workers was either ‘important’ or ‘very important’ to their overall job satisfaction.

Promoting more personal conversations with colleagues allows people to form productive relationships and feel more comfortable around each other, this will help work-related conversations flow smoothly and motivate the team to collaborate on projects together.

At Heka we get to know each other's different values and interests by asking simple questions like “what are your weekend plans”, having ‘show and tell’ socials, and penciling in regular virtual coffee catch-ups.

Prevent any social barriers from forming within the company by making sure different departments are socialising and having general conversations together. You can do this by having co-department socials and weekly leadership meetings.

Having these conversations will also allow for a healthier work-life balance, a topic we discussed in detail with Emma Attenborough-Sergeant in our latest episode of Heka’s Wellness Warrior series.


4. Acknowledge achievements 

By noticing employees’ achievements you will boost their self-confidence and a sense of pride, which will encourage them to continue hitting targets and achieving wins.

At Heka we celebrate our team’s achievements, big and small through our “cheers” Slack channel. Having a similar channel and making sure it’s always active will make employees feel appreciated and encourage peer-to-peer recognition.

Try getting everyone to nominate a ‘winner of the week’ on a Friday afternoon. This can be shared in a Slack channel or a team meeting. Ask people to nominate someone from a different department to demonstrate how important it is for the company to work together as a whole. 

Show your people they’re valued by celebrating workplace anniversaries. Send them a handwritten note, announce the milestone in a team meeting, or give them a shout out in the company newsletter.


5 - Provide time to focus on their wellbeing

Physical and mental wellbeing both play a huge part in maintaining happiness and have become an even more important way to protect employees’ motivation whilst they work remotely.

Employees often worry about what their managers or other colleagues will think if they take time out of their day for health-related activities, so resources and time must be made available to encourage people to focus on their wellbeing. You can achieve this by assigning wellness days off, having flexible working hours, and hosting team virtual fitness classes.

By showing your team you care about their wellbeing you will establish trust, something which is mutually beneficial in maintaining positivity whilst working remotely.


6 - Encourage career development

People are always looking for ways to develop their careers. As employers, it’s our responsibility to nurture our employee’s professional growth, something which shouldn’t be overlooked due to C19.

It takes a simple Google search to uncover a library of virtual learning resources, making learning from a distance easy and accessible for all.

Many leaders are offering employees the opportunity for relevant professional growth by qualifying in an area that will not only develop the individual as a person but also help them to support their colleagues. One example of this is allowing employees to qualify as a ‘Mental Health First Aider’, as more people are experiencing mental health issues as a result of C19.

Showing you care about your team’s professional development will give them a goal to work towards and help them to feel valued, encouraging productivity. 


What next?

Now you know how to keep your employees positive and motivated whilst working from home it’s time to take action!

Get direct feedback from your team by sending out a survey asking what makes them feel enthusiastic at work. Make sure you educate your team leaders on the importance of maintaining a happy team and provide them with the tools referenced above to do this.


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